The Guthrie Brothers

The Guthrie Brothers have been performing together from the time they were kids in one fashion or another. The passionate brothers grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where they explored their love for music in their parents basement.

The Guthrie Brothers had a lot of influence growing up, from music on the jukebox to local shows and everything from Santana and Motown to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Jock has always had a passion for guitar, while Jeb has always been on the drums.

The Guthrie Brothers have been in several bands over the years, including Woeful Existence, Steak Nite and On The Edge, which featured Jock on guitar and Jeb on the drums. Jeb would eventually go on to learn how to play the guitar, with Jock being his masterful teacher.

The brothers, always playing in bands, would eventually decide to become a duo that features their natural sibling blend of musical talent. The two would eventually pick up and decide to head east while securing a publishing deal during their journey before landing in New York City.

The Guthrie Brothers would find success for five years and went on a van tour to some of the best beer venues in the Northeast.

The brothers found success with the excellent On The Edge band while in New York before deciding to go out on their own under The Guthrie Brothers name. The transition led to the brothers landing their first big record deal. The ill-fated brothers’ label would close after the duo released their album.

Falling on hard times, the brothers were forced to sell some of their music equipment and revisit the idea of life as musicians.

The Guthrie Brothers re-released their album following the rise of the digital age, allowing the duo to breathe life into their music once again. Their music can be found on iTunes and several streaming websites, too.

The group is working on a new album while playing at the Scarborough Fair and several other locations.

The Guthrie Brothers have a lot of their own, original work and cover work that they perform for crowds. The duo has been up to a lot since they left their basement as new musicians ready to take on the world.

They’ve found their calling with the help of the digital age, spreading their music to fans across the country.

Next Horizon is the band’s record label. The Guthrie Brothers are an alternative country duo.