Alton Brown

Food show presenter Alton Brown is back on the road this fall with the “Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science” tour. The tour is the follow-up to Brown’s “Edible Inevitable” tour.

Brown says “Eat Your Science” will include more comedy, multimedia presentations, “talk show antics” and music. New puppets and songs will also be added, but the TV personality says the experiments will be bigger and potentially more dangerous with the new tour.

The tour, which includes stops in Boston, Columbus, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Memphis, will run from October 17 in Springfield, MO through November 19 in Chattanooga, TN.

Brown is known for his successful show Good Eats, which ran on the Food Network for 14 seasons. He has also played host or commentator on Feasting on Asphalt, Iron Chef America, Feasting on Waves, Camp Cutthroat and Cutthroat Kitchen.

Brown is also a best-selling author of several cooking and food books.

Good Eats ran on a PBS station in Chicago before being picked up by the Food Network in 1999. Many episodes featured Brown building his own cooking devices. The show ran for 14 seasons and was nominated for a 2006 Peabody Award.

While on his book tour in 2016, Brown announced that Good Eats will have a sequel that will be released on the internet in 2017.

In 2004, Brown served as an expert commentator on Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters. Once the show became a series, Brown took on the role of the play-by-play commentator. He would go on to host all five seasons of The Next Iron Chef.

The TV star’s next venture – Feasting on Asphalt – focused on the history of eating on the go. The four-part miniseries followed Brown and his crew as they toured America and explored the history of road food.

Brown began hosting the Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen in 2013. In each episode, chefs were given $25,000 to bid on items that would hinder their opponents’ ability to cook, including stealing ingredients and forcing them to cook with unconventional tools. The winner keeps the unspent money as the prize.

Throughout his career, Brown has made appearances virtually everywhere in the food scene. He also made an appearance on The Simpsons, and the World of Warcraft video game named an NPC character after him.

Along with his hosting skills, Brown is also a talented singer. In November 2016, he announced his album Bitter Like Me, which contains nine food-themed songs from his live show and a Thanksgiving song.

Brown’s “Eat Your Science” tour will include musical performances by the famous TV personality.